Spokane Maternity Shoot

One of the biggest blessings in life, in my opinion, is friendship. Even though Lauren and I have never lived near each other since high school, distance has never become a roadblock to a deep and meaningful friendship. When we talk on the phone it is never a quick call. We may “say” we have just one question or comment but that one question/comment turns into a two hour conversation because…well…there is just that much to say each time.

Talking to Lauren just brings happiness to my life. Thank goodness for modern technology. How could I survive without FaceTime? There is never a time when we are together (whether on the phone or in person) that we aren’t laughing, smiling, and having fun.

Our conversations range all over the place: contemplating the deep things of life, reliving past memories, discussing things we have learned, sharing goals and dreams, answering wardrobe question, answering any baby questions (to the best of my meager experience).

The day that Lauren asked me if I would take her maternity pictures I was super excited. Not only would I get to travel and visit a new location (Spokane) and see my best friend, I would be able to create some memories that they can cherish for a lifetime for her and her husband, Wes.

I had such a good time capturing the love that both Lauren and Wes have for each other and the love that they have for their unborn son. Though they haven’t met him yet, their love for him glows from their faces.

Lauren and Wes, I cannot wait for the day that you will get to meet your son. I also cannot wait for the day that I get to meet him. I’m so grateful for the chance that you gave me to capture a few special moments of your family. I know you will be great parents.  Having a child changes one. It changes how we view life. It changes how we deem what’s important and what’s not. It changes you (the parent) for the better. Thank you for letting me be apart of this special time.

Now for the pictures.

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