Anniversary Session

Andrea & Kris have been married for 9 years and I had the opportunity to take their anniversary photos this year. I was literally laughing the entire time as they were so natural in front of the camera but would strike hilarious poses in between the normal ones just to keep the mood fun. Quite a few times I had to lower the camera as I was laughing too much due to their antics.

When you see Andrea and Kris together, you can’t help but see the love they have for one another radiate from their faces. When my husband and I reach our 9 year anniversary I pray we have the same love and affection visibly pouring off us as one can see between Andrea and Kris.

Andrea and Kris enjoy the outdoors and the many different activities it provides. They both enjoy hiking both locally and on their many worldwide adventures. Though being active people who enjoy life to the fullest, it does not hinder them from helping anyone in need, regardless of where Andrea and Kris may be. They take time to know people, which in this day and age seems to be more and more rare. They are an inspiration for me.

Thank you guys for letting me capture a few special moments of you. I pray that your love will only continue to grow more and more as time goes by. I can’t wait to see what the future has for you.


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