Rocky Mountain National Park Family Session | Estes Park, CO

They drove all the way to Estes Park from Kansas City with their kids. Our paths crossed at the very last minute but I’m so happy they did. Tyler and I started communicating about a photo shoot in Rocky Mountain National Park several days prior to the actual session. I knew just the spot I wanted to take this family. It was Moraine Park. There is something about a stream, fields and majestic mountains towering in the background that bring contentment to my soul and I knew pictures in this location would turn out well.

I met Elizabeth on location and instantly felt a connection. She is a teacher by profession. I have the utmost respect for teachers (being one myself for many years). She must be an amazing teacher in the classroom judging from her engaging personality. It was also a blessing to see Tyler so interactive with his children. You can tell from the pictures how that is portrayed.

Elizabeth and Tyler have three adorable children who are very polite and fun to be around. I was quite surprised how well they listen to instruction and were naturals in front of the camera. Each of them were amazing and I thoroughly enjoyed my time with them. They had me laughing often throughout our time together.

When I got in the car after the photo shoot, I couldn’t help but think how much I enjoyed my time. I had never met this family before but they were a breath of fresh air and left a lasting impression on my mind. It was very apparent throughout the entire session how much they all loved each other. It wasn’t just the parents displaying love towards their children and for each other, but the kids were so affectionate towards each other as well.

Thank you Tyler and Elizabeth for entrusting me to capture some special moments of your family. I’m very grateful everything worked out and I wish you and your family the best.





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