The Entrepreneur Brother and Family

If you read the previous blog you know that I did a photo shoot of each of my brothers. This is my second oldest brother Sean, his wife Kim and beautiful daughter.

Sean is the chef of the family. He has always been gifted in this area. He loves to cook and host people. During this family reunion, he told us that he loves to cook for the neighborhood! This usually involves a 5 course meal, something I would never attempt.

Though cooking is not Sean’s profession, it is a passion of his. With this passion came the birth of his barbecue sauce. He has launched his own brand of sauce, called 2BQ’D BBQ Sauce, and you’ll find it on grocery shelves in Texas. Of course, if you are not in driving distance, it can be ordered online. So if you get a chance to try it, you won’t be disappointed! Read the back story of their creation at 2BQ’D BBQ Sauce!

Now for some pictures 🙂

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