Longmont Maternity Session

I met Jonathan back in 2014. He is my husband’s best friend. For a short time, Jonathan lived with my husband, John, whom I was dating at the time. They would cook some unhealthy-ish meal and I would get to partake in the goodness. Who says bachelors can’t cook?

There was this one time John asked Jonathan, who is a pilot, to take us to Mt. Rushmore for the day. Jonathan flew us up there and at evening time flew us home. It was an epic trip to say the least.

Jonathan is a very thoughtful person. He is a good friend and fun person to be around. When I heard that he had found himself a girl I was super excited for him. Over time I have gotten to know his wife, Liz, and we have become friends. I only wished they lived near us so that we could hang out more.

I was ecstatic when they asked me to take their maternity photos. I think it was only fitting since they were married around Christmas that they get maternity pictures around the same time.

We all met up at Golden Ponds in Longmont for a brisk photo shoot. Brisk might be an understatement but so worth it if you check out the pictures below.

Jonathan and Liz, I’m so excited for you guys! I know you will be amazing parents and I can’t wait to meet your little girl one day. Maybe our kids will be besties :).

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