Sandstone Ranch Family Session

I met Stephanie last fall through a local photographer’s Facebook group. She had posted that she wanted to do a swap of family pictures and that’s how we connected. She is a beautiful person inside and out. And her photo skills….gorgeous! Go check out her work. I’m thankful that we met. It’s been great being able to capture each other’s families and get good photos without trying to do it myself with self timer. It is also nice to have our kids around the same age. Her kids are the cutest ever. Just look at their face…gah! Thank you Stephanie for being my go to person when I need some photos. I’m thankful we met and hope to have many more fun photo shoots together.

This last session swap Stephanie told me that they were debt free. How cool is that? They listened to Dave Ramsey and started implementing his methods. I can personally say I’m a big Dave Ramsey fan!!! They pushed super hard and finally made it. Congratulations to you both. What an accomplishment and I’m so impressed and happy for you guys!

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