Extra special Maternity Session | Longmont CO

I’m so excited to share this Jim Hamm Nature Area maternity session with you today! This one is special because it’s of my good friend Kiki. I met Kiki back in 2012 when I moved to Colorado. I was in search of a place to rent and found Kiki through Craigslist. We became roommates and for the years to come we had many adventures together. We did multiple Moab, UT camping trips to see the two National Parks there (Arches National Park and Canyonlands National Park), backpacking to Lone Eagle Peak, we went to Telluride so that we could do the Via Ferrata and much more.

We got married the same weekend, we now live in the same town (and only 1/2 mile away) and she had her first kid 10 months after I did. We have gone through some of the big life changes at the same time and it has been fun to see how much our life has changed and all for the better. Now she is about to have her second kid (9 months after I had my second kid). I know what you are thinking and you are wrong lol. None of this was ever planned much less talked about but life happens and I think, things worked out perfectly. It has been great to have Kiki in the same phase of life as myself. It keeps our friendship fresh and relevant.

Jim Hamm Nature Area Maternity Session

This was my first time shooting at Calkins Reservoir. I arrived a few minutes before Kiki and her husband Ed so that I could find the best place to shoot. It was beautiful. Every place I looked was gorgeous! I want to shoot all my sessions at this little nature area. I was so happy that we had chosen this particular location for their photos.

During the session, we had a fun time trying to get Kiki’s little girl Kylie to smile. She is a reserved little kid. About half way through she became a little more comfortable but then it seemed like she wanted to make a game out of not trying to smile. All our attempts only made us laugh more. We did get a few smirks and smiles but she was so proud of herself for her accomplishment. She is so cute and I actually loved watching her try hard to not crack. All in all we had a lot of fun together while taking pictures. Kids don’t always cooperate the way we want but it is still special nonetheless and I know that Kiki and Ed will have these pictures to look back on and remember what life was like.

Enjoy this little peek into this maternity session!

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