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I’m so excited to share this Vow Renewal Ceremony Family session that took place in Estes Park, Colorado with you today! When the Martinusen Family reached out about taking photos to capture their 10 year vow renewal, I was ecstatic. Being able to capture their recommitment to each other was so special. Seeing the love that they had between each other was inspiring. Listening to their ceremony and hearing their vows made me remember the advice I received when I was getting married and that was that marriage gets better over the years if you work at it. This couple definitely displayed that and it was beautiful.

Estes Park, Colorado Vow Renewal Ceremony

I had never been to the YMCA of the Rockies before. I had to google Overlook Chapel after Jenny told me that that is where they would have their ceremony. The google images were amazing! Because I had never been to this particular location before I wasn’t 100% sure how the sun would affect things being that the ceremony started at 11 am. I said a prayer on my drive up that the wispy clouds would stick around to soften the light and help avoid those harsh shadows which can happen when the sun is high in the sky. And that is exactly what happened. What an answer to prayer!

After the ceremony was over, we did some family pictures. I got to see the fun personalities of their two girls shine during this time. They are both so sweet. Gracie, the younger one, is definitely the goofball and she had me laughing throughout our time together with all her different expressions. The other, Emily, was more quiet but still showed her happy disposition as well as her love for her sister.

To the Martinusen Family, thank you so much for allowing me to capture these precious memories for you! Your family is so sweet, and it was great getting to know you guys better. I can’t wait to see you all continue to grow together!

Enjoy this little peek into this sweet Vow Renewal Family Session!


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