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Lauren and her sister reached out to me months ago to plan a photo session while they were visiting Colorado with all their family. When I heard where they were staying and wanting pictures I was so excited as I don’t get to shoot in the Silverthorne/Dillon area much. There’s something so special about capturing multigenerational pictures for families. Having memories to look back on with grandparents and grandkids and everyone in between is important to me. I want my own kids to be able to reflect on memories they made with us as well as their grandparents. So being able to provide images for other families makes me so happy. From the very first email, this family has been so easy and fun to work with.


Dillon, Colorado Extended Family Session

Leaving my kids with my husband, I headed up to Dillon several hours prior to the shoot. I wanted to check the location we had decided upon as well as get in a little hiking of my own. Normally I do not like doing things by myself but I really enjoyed the time alone to think, plan and just enjoy the beauty that Colorado has to offer.

After stopping and checking out the original location that Lauren and I agreed upon, I had a few concerns, mainly the amount of people that were there and not knowing if there would be less by the time Lauren and her family arrived. The view was beautiful and I would have made it work but it might have been a little challenging. Regardless, I was up pumped anyway. I continue to drive around and see other locations for future shoots. That’s when I stumbled upon this amazing backdrop.

Last Minute Location Change

A couple miles down the road from the original location, I found this beautiful, breathtaking view and I knew I had to contact Lauren. I sent her a picture and asked if she wanted to move locations. She had mentioned long before that her and her family wanted good mountain views in their photos and this location definitely provided that. She agreed. It is so nice working with someone who is so easy going and willing to change things up even if it’s last minute.

Because we did change locations, I had to carefully work with the sun. If you had asked me to do this, even a year ago, I would have been really stressed. If you don’t understand how to work with the sun the pictures won’t come out well. I’m no longer scared of direct light. I actually have come to love it, though a few hours before sunset is still prime time for glowly light. I’m thankful Lauren’s husband, dad and brother-in-law were willing to take turns helping by blocking the sun from my camera.

To sum up everything, it was an amazing day! Working with Lauren’s family was so stress free. And can I say how great they did in their choice of outfits!!!! They all coordinated perfectly. I absolutely LOVE flowly dresses for photoshoots. It elevates the pictures so much. They nailed every aspect of my Style Guide!!!

To Lauren and her whole family, thank you so much for allowing me to capture these precious memories for you! Your family is so sweet, and it was great getting to know you guys better. I can’t wait to see you all continue to grow together!

Enjoy this little peek into this sweet multigenerational family session!


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  1. Sharon Neal says:

    Enjoyed working with Catherine!!
    Thanks for all your direction and great attitude.

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