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I’m excited to share these lifestyle newborn portraits with you today. When Beth reached out I knew we would be a good fit. She wanted to do an in-home session and I couldn’t be happier I was able to photograph the cutest little baby in Longmont, CO. There is something special about capturing a newborn in his first home. Those are memories that will never be forgotten and when the baby is old enough he will be able to look through the photos and see the care and personal touches his parents placed in his first room.


When I arrived at Beth’s house, I could hear baby Westley in the background. He wasn’t the happiest camper at that moment. Beth wasn’t sure if we should go through with the photoshoot as Westley had been struggling all day because he was cluster feeding as well as not sleeping. After discussing the possibilities, we decided to give it a shot and boy am I glad we did.

As soon as I got Westley swaddled he seemed happier. We had a few cries from time to time but nothing that mom and dad couldn’t fix by snuggling him. During most of his photoshoot, Westley was very alert. He loved gazing into the eyes of his parents and the feeling was mutual.

Right before wrapping up the session, Westley became very sleepy and then knocked out. We took advantage of this opportunity to capture some sleeping photos. Mom was really hoping to get some and we did. These photos ended up being my all time favorite.

Thank you, Beth and Brad, so much for allowing me to capture these precious memories for you! Your family is so sweet, and it was great getting to know you guys better.

Enjoy this little peek into this sweet Newborn Session!

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